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We Provide Business‑Grade Communication & Network Service Solutions.

Whether you're a small business or a corporate enterprise, we have a broad range of voice and data solutions designed to reduce your telecom costs and simplify your operations.

From simple voice service to a unified communications suite (including data), J & J Communications can customize a solution based on your requirements and goals. Browse our range of VoIP Service Solutions to find out which one will best fulfill your needs.

J & J Communications delivers business-grade digital phone and data service, high speed broadband internet and business applications on one converged network. By combining all your communication needs on a single network you will benefit from reduced costs, simplified business operations, greater flexibility and a lower total support overhead.

Digital Phone Service enables small businesses to operate phone and fax services for a fraction of the cost of traditional land-line services: Save up to 60% off your business phone bills! You will benefit from 2 or more VoIP lines on one service for one low monthly fee and no additional line charges.

Virtual PBX delivers the features and capabilities of a PBX telephone system without having to own and maintain PBX equipment, thus saving up-front capital investment, installation and on-going operating expenses. Virtual PBX telephone system is self-managed via a user-friendly web portal and is connected to J & J Communications' Digital Phone Service, enabling you to significantly reduce your communications costs.

SIP Trunking Service connects your company's SIP-capable PBX to the public phone network helping you save on your business phone bills and extending your communications over the Internet to employees in all locations. By replacing traditional telephone lines with J & J Communications SIP Trunking service, all your communications needs (including voice, video and data) will be on the same broadband Internet connection, thus eliminating costly BRI/PRI connections while simplifying operations and administration at each office.


Fix It For Me!!!

With the J & J Communications “Fix It For Me!!!” service, we can connect remotely to your system using the SOS service powered by SplashTop. This means all you do is share your screen (meaning no complicated setup is required) and our support team will help to resolve your problem quickly. The process is very easy. Call us @ 352-504-4902 then just...


Change your tune about PBX telephone systems:

J & J Communications' Virtual PBX is a virtual phone system which delivers the features and capabilities of a PBX telephone system without having to own and maintain PBX equipment, thus saving up-front capital investment, installation and on-going operating expenses. J & J Communications' Virtual PBX telephone system is connected to J & J Communications' Digital Phone Service, enabling you to significantly reduce your communications costs.

Are you wondering why you should upgrade your phone system to a virtual one? Not sure when is the best time to do it?

There are so many reasons to swap your standard voice communications to our Virtual PBX that by the time you have checked this list you will be already wondering how to get started!

Starting a new business

We understand how much trouble and money is involved in starting a new business: With J & J Communications' Virtual PBX you will save time, money and space! Our Virtual PBX offers a quick and easy "Do-It-Yourself" installation, you will save up to 60% on phone bill, save on PBX telephone system equipment, and manage your office space more efficiently.

Opening a new office or branch

With J & J Communications' Virtual PBX telephone system you can set up multiple extensions across single or multiple locations: Work from home, remote offices or from overseas and enjoy free calls within your Virtual PBX telephone network.

Expanding your existing office

Is your business developing rapidly and you need to upgrade your existing PBX telephone system? Then our Virtual PBX is the perfect solution. J & J Communications' Virtual PBX telephone system is completely scalable: Upgrade your Virtual PBX as your business grows and add additional lines, seats, or extensions at any time.

Moving offices?

This is the ideal time to upgrade your telephone system to J & J Communications' Virtual PBX: When choosing virtuality you also choose mobility and flexibility. No need for relocating your equipment to your new office because there is none! Simply pack your VoIP handsets and off you go!

Help the environment

If you are looking into implementing environmentally friendly office processes then J & J Communications' Virtual PBX is the perfect solution for you. Because J & J Communications' Virtual PBX is a virtual telephone system, we eliminate the use of paper bills for an ease and more convenience, which is environmentally friendly. View your bills online at anytime and minimize your waste.

If you want to reduce your business communication costs, increase your customers' satisfaction, and improve the quality of your communications network, J & J Communications' Virtual PBX telephone system is the solution for you!


Business IP Telephony Solutions

Your business telephone service is one of the most important services for keeping in touch with your clients. JJCOM understands this and has endless solutions available to meet your exact needs. A small sampling of available features include:

  • Auto-attendant: route calls without the need for a receptionist, or for backup if your receptionist is unavailable
  • Caller ID and Voice Mail are standard
  • Ring groups: Calls can ring an entire department simultaneously or in a round-robin fashion
  • Intercom: Allows office-wide paging
  • Ability for multiple locations and home offices to integrate as a unified system
  • Ability to allow callers to transfer to your mobile phone without revealing your mobile number
  • Licensed mainstream music on hold tracks (you can choose your favorite artists)

Pricing starts at just $45.00 per line for accounts with less than five lines and includes unlimited local service with competitive out of area calling rates. Reliable faxing with your existing fax machine is possible and includes the ability to configure fax-to-email for maximum performance and security.

All-inclusive Business Starter Package

If you're running a small office and need telephone service that's quick and easy, JJCOM is here to help. Starting at just $54.95 per month (paid quarterly), you'll receive:

  • Single-line telephone service with Caller ID, Call Waiting, and 3 Way Calling
  • Unlimited inbound and local calling
  • Up to 1000 minutes of out of area calling
  • Rent-to-own a high quality Cisco Spa Series Telephone
  • Price reduces to $39.95 after 18 months of service

Stand Alone or Bundled Fax to Email Gateway

Sometimes, you just can't let go of old technology. In a world where emailing documents is standard, it's a productivity killer to have to rely on an old fashioned fax machine. JJCOM is happy to announce a fax to email gateway that will transform inbound faxes into a PDF document delivered right to your email inbox.

  • Faxes delivered instantly to your email as an industry standard PDF (Portable Document Format)
  • No need to pay for a dedicated fax line
  • No need to maintain a fax machine or supplies

A fax gateway bundled with other JJCOM services starts at $10.00 per month, or $15.00 monthly standalone.

Whatever your needs are, JJCOM has a solution for you. Please contact us today to get started.


Do you require multiple phone lines at your home or office?

J & J Communications Digital Phone Service allows businesses to operate phone and fax services for a fraction of the cost of traditional landline services by offering multiple lines on one service. Competitive low rates and included business service features such as call transfer, call hold and multi-way conference calls at no additional cost.

How it works

J & J Communications Digital Phone Service works like your regular telephone lines, however it combines your lines on one service. Simply connect a J & J Communications VoIP gateway to your existing phone system and you are ready to start making calls.

Real benefits for your business 

Huge Savings on Telephone Bills

Significantly reduce your telephone bills when you choose J & J Communications. Our Digital Phone Service offers incredibly low fee for up to 6 lines with no additional charges, and no call connections fees on any call type, helping you save up to 60% off your business phone bill.

Free included business features

J & J Communications Digital Phone Service offers FREE business service features such as:

  • call transfer
  • call hold
  • multi-way conference calling
  • and many more!!!

Minimal upfront capital outlay

Benefit from the savings of Voice over IP Technology without spending on large upfront capital outlay. J & J Communications Digital Phone Services operate with existing equipment and handsets.

Number Portability - Keep Your Current Phone Numbers!!!

We understand your business telephone number is vital to your business. J & J Communications Digital Phone Service offers number portability, so you can keep and use your existing telephone number with your new broadband phone service and start saving money today!


Highly Qualified And Friendly Support

We provide 24/7 service and support through a combination of online help, live operators, and our On-Call Technicians that come to your site when you need us.

Look at what we do for you!

  • Manage and maintain everything
  • Unlimited local and long distance
  • Easily add remote offices and mobile workers
  • Make moves and changes online
  • Free moves, adds, changes

Tons Of Useful Built-In Features

  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Screening
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Voicemail
  • Music-on-hold
  • Conference Calls
  • Cloud based
  • Many more features...